The community of Tesoro Viejo is a partnership between The McCaffrey Group and Lyles Diversified, both trusted local family companies with deep roots in California’s Central Valley.  Together they have adapted time-tested place making principles for 21st century living in a forward-looking community designed to evolve and flourish as the decades pass.

  • McCaffrey Group, Inc.

    The McCaffrey Family

  • Lyles United, LLC

    William "Bill" Lyles, William M. Lyles IV, and Gerald Lyles

Over the course of three generations, the McCaffrey family of companies has specialized in land development, residential construction, and mortgage brokerage.  The McCaffrey Homes team has built more than 9,000 homes and has been honored nationally and locally for the quality of its construction and service.

Since 1945, the Lyles family of companies has specialized in major pipeline, infrastructure, and water distribution and treatment facilities throughout the state.  Lyles Diversified, Inc., one of California’s oldest and largest family and employee-owned companies, practices one of its core business philosophies of progress through diversification by partnering with and managing real estate development, real estate rental and agricultural operations.