January 26, 2024

Children Live, Learn and Play at Tesoro Viejo

Meet the Students at Hillside Elementary in Tesoro Viejo.

Look no further than the children at Tesoro Viejo, a community and place where residents, even our youngest ones, can live, learn, and play all at their home. We continue our latest edition of our Live, Work, Play series with a feature on the students at Hillside Elementary School, who were asked by their teachers to write and draw about their favorite part of living here at Tesoro Viejo.

With an unbridled sense of enthusiasm, the children that shared their favorite parts about Tesoro Viejo. By exploring every nook and cranny, they’ve uncovered hidden treasures amongst Beavers Pond and the miles of trails, while fostering friendships and a sense of belonging in this place they call home. 

Here You’ll find plenty of parks just outside your front doors, where kids are outdoors playing, sharing laughs, and making friends. 

Their school, Hillside Elementary School, is like a second home, filled with friends and caring teachers who support them. 

The Ranch House clubhouse is a gathering place that comes alive with conversation, playing billiards and kids swimming in their own kids pool with splash zone. 

This is a community where kids can count on a close-knit group of neighbors to share their days, making it a good place to grow. Their curiosity acts as a catalyst, inspiring others to cherish and celebrate the rich land and sense of adventure their community has to offer them - giving these children (and some of their parents and grandparents, too!) the opportunity to live, learn and play right here at home. 

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