• Hillside Elementary School in Madera, CA
  • Hillside Bobcats Elementary School in Madera, CA

Community Schools

Hillside Elementary at Tesoro Viejo.

Education is a key component at Tesoro Viejo. Chawanakee Unified’s Hillside Elementary School serves students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grades.  It is a true neighborhood school, located right in the heart of Hillside Village making it easy for your children to walk or bike to school. And with dedicated teachers and staff who are passionate about education, Hillside Elementary is committed to delivering an innovative education program that prepares students for success in college and career.

Hillside Elementary will be followed by a future K-12 education center with an additional TK-8 elementary campus and the future Rio Mesa 9-12 High School.

Excellence in Education

Chawanakee Unified School District had the highest graduation rate in Madera County on the most recent California School Dashboard, outperforming the state average, and was number one in graduation rate among 71 similar schools.  In addition, Chawanakee Unified outperformed all other schools in Madera County in College Readiness, outperformed the state average, and was number one in College Readiness among 71 similar schools.

Hillside TK-8 School Highlights:

  • Serving students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 8th Grade
  • Cross-curriculum, project-based learning
  • College & career exploration program gives students the chance to learn about careers in medicine and biotechnology
  • State-of-the-art facilities including a library/media center, music room, athletic areas with gymnasium, and media production
  • "Outdoor classroom" concept for hands-on learning with natural resources of the community’s landscape
  • Dual-platform technology program equipped with iPads, Chromebook and MacBook Air computers
  • A combination of tech-based and app-based instruction, direct instruction for new concepts and skills, and Project-Based Learning
  • Fully-articulated with 9-12 program, preparing students for high school and beyond
  • Students in 7th and 8th grades take high-school level courses
  • Recent recipient of a community partnership grant with Wilbur-Ellis for an integrated agriculture, science and Project-Based Learning program
  • Television studio where students produce a news program
  • Extensive extra-curricular activities including art, percussion, band, robotics, guitar and ski club
  • Sports including football, volleyball, track, cross-country, soccer and basketball
  • Received two design awards, including national recognition by American School & University magazine for its outstanding education design

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