• Tesoro Viejo community efforts to conserve land, water, and local habitat
  • Community planning with sustainability front-of-mind
  • Natural beauty of Madera County's outdoor setting


Preserving a legacy.

At Tesoro Viejo it starts with the land, and has been thoughtfully planned to honor the site’s history by capturing its unique topography, land characteristics, and diverse landforms.

Tesoro Viejo will protect nearly 200 acres of open space, natural gorges and riparian habitat within the community. These areas will include riparian corridors, arroyos, wetlands and annual grasslands which provide habitat for wildlife and conservation of water resources.

The villages have been designed to be oriented around major open spaces or special features. To preserve key sensitive areas community trails create a natural buffer between protected spaces and the community.

Conservation & Stewardship

Regionally, Tesoro Viejo is making a difference in local land conservation by working with natural resource agencies and local Land Trust, Sierra Foothill Conservancy, to ensure a place for wildlife.

Carefully planned development to preserve local species

Protecting and providing approximately 415 acres of carefully managed habitat for the California Tiger Salamander, a Federal and State-listed threatened species.

Open space community planning

Creating the opportunity to protect an additional 420 acres of historic California rangeland. Helping preserve the local legacy of multi-generational cattle ranching.

Protecting habitat of local species and wildlife

Conserving water resources including ponds, creeks, springs and riparian habitats that provide for native amphibians and reptiles such as Western Spadefoot and Western Pond Turtle.
Protecting habitat important for over 30 native bird species, including California Quail, Red-tailed Hawk, Western Burrowing Owl, Swainson’s Hawk, and Great Blue Heron.

Preservation of natural resources

Conserving Oak Woodland and Oak Savannah composed of native blue oaks, valley oaks, live oaks and foothill pines. And unique plants such as Hoover’s Calycadenia.

Land preservation spanning Madera and Fresno, CA

Tesoro Viejo has contributed significantly to the Sierra Foothill Conservancy vision to preserve connected corridors of land from the Sierra Crest to the Grasslands of the Central Valley.
Tesoro Viejo’s Collective conserved acres add an additional 600 acres to SFC’s San Joaquin Conservation Corridor which spans Madera and Fresno counties to connect and protect over 30,000 acres of public and private lands.

Tesoro Viejo Master Mutual Water Company


  • Tesoro Viejo holds a water supply agreement with the Madera Irrigation District (MID) under which MID agrees to provide a firm and guaranteed supply of surface water to the Tesoro Viejo community.
  • The Tesoro Viejo community utilizes on-site, state-of-the-art water and waste water treatment facilities. The community will make extensive use of recycled water for landscape irrigation and other non-potable uses.
  • The Tesoro Viejo community also utilizes state-of-the-art water conservation practices including highly efficient irrigation systems, low flow fixtures and appliances and low water use landscape designs.
  • All homes and community facilities are designed to the 2018 Plumbing Code permitting more precise water usage resulting in savings of millions of gallons of water.
San Joaquin River in Madera, CA

San Joaquin River

Committed to being good stewards of the land, Tesoro Viejo is working with local and state agencies to construct and maintain public access improvements so that all can enjoy the beauty of the San Joaquin River. This regional asset will provide opportunities for the public to enjoy the San Joaquin River including hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. Funds to maintain and operate the trails and open spaces to and along the river will be generated by a nominal transfer fee of the sale and resale of homes at Tesoro Viejo.

Tesoro Viejo's partners in green planning and building practices


Tesoro Viejo is implementing Planning, Design and Building practices that emphasize principles of conservation and sustainability at both the community and neighborhood level. It starts with a huge commitment in community infrastructure and takes advantage of the site’s natural topography and resources.
Natural gas will be extended to the community, solar will be included on all homes, the community has been designed to promote walkability and minimize vehicle trips, car pooling will be encouraged to the neighborhood communities, car charging stations will be conveniently provided in the community. Water conservation, through plant materials, fixtures and use of reclaimed water will be realized.
In 2008—10 years before construction on Tesoro Viejo began—an on-site tree nursery was planted with 10,000 trees, including 13 different species of trees native to California. Now these large mature trees are being planted throughout the community to provide shade and encourage walking and minimize energy needs. As the community grows, the nursery will be replenished, giving back to the surrounding environment, improving the community, and supporting our nearby wildlife in the process.
The intent is to build a community and homes that will consume less energy, water and other natural resources, and foster a healthy living environment for our residents.

Green home building

Green Living

It takes a strong foundation to create an eco-conscious community, from responsible planning to green home construction. Tesoro Viejo proudly received the Outstanding Planning Award in Innovation and Green Community Planning by the American Planning Association, for continued efforts in creating a vibrant, healthy, and green place to live.

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