400 Dedicated Acres of Room to Roam

Imagine your morning hike following miles of treasured trails. Every step leading towards an unforgettable sunset.

Then imagine the joy of waking up tomorrow morning to experience it all over again. With about 400 acres of trails, parks and permanently preserved open space for you to explore, no two days at Tesoro Viejo are ever the same. Unless you'd like them to be. 

Wander. And Wonder.

More than 15 miles of walking and biking trails effortlessly weave through rolling terrain and scenic vistas, bringing you easy access to all the natural wonder Tesoro Viejo has to offer. Take a bike ride along the open spaces. Or hike down to the banks of the San Joaquin River. However you want to spend time exploring the outdoors, there's a trail just waiting to be blazed.

The Outdoors Made Easy

You don't have to rough it to get out and enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds our community. Tesoro Viejo features a complete network of trails that make it easy to walk, hike, amble or even stroll to the vistas and parks you love most.

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Take A Hike

For those who think mud goes with everything, our assortment of unpaved trails gives you the greatest access for truly exploring the natural surroundings. Whether its hiking or mountain biking, there's a trail ready to guide you to your next big adventure outdoors.

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A River Really Does Run Through It

The San Joaquin River, the second largest river in California, literally flows through Tesoro Viejo's backyard.  For all the ways you and your family hope to enjoy this natural resource, our community provides a complete network of paths and trails that leads you down to the banks of the river,

Play, Run, Walk, Explore

"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, Don't fence me in." — Cole Porter

Take nearly 200 acres of preserved natural open spaces. Then sprinkle in another 200 acres of neighborhood parks and recreational areas. What you get are 400 beautiful acres dedicated to a truly exceptional lifestyle enjoyed outside. Tesoro Viejo invites residents to experience the beauty of the unique environment that surrounds them — with vistas, arroyos, rock outcroppings, grasslands, and other natural settings just waiting to be explored.

All The Eye Can See

Tesoro Viejo is blessed with some of the best vistas in the Central Valley. Follow any one of the many trails bounding up the rolling hillsides to experience the stunning panoramas for yourself. 

Community Map
Landscape As Unique As You Are

The flowing grasslands. The undulating ridgeline. The rocky landings beside the San Joaquin River. The terrain in and around Tesoro Viejo never ceases to invite and amaze.

Community Map

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