January 7, 2021

Healthy Living Comes Alive at Tesoro Viejo

Tesoro Viejo is a community where healthy living is alive and well.  Access to fresh local produce is made easy with the Farmer’s Markets in the Town Center and the weekly Farm Boxes delivered direct to homes by Ferrer Farms, a local grower. And the miles of trails for biking, hiking, and jogging provide the perfect opportunity to stay active and healthy in the fresh outdoor air.

Residents biking in community

For residents – and avid cyclists – Gary and Mona Bowser, Tesoro Viejo is the perfect place to pursue a healthy lifestyle, as well as their love of the outdoors.  In fact, Gary started a bike tour of Tesoro Viejo well before he moved into his new home.

“This is such a great place,” Gary says.  “I wanted people to learn about the trails and how to be respectful of the land – for me, it is about creating good stewardship.”

Once the Tesoro Viejo signs started popping up several years ago, Gary and Mona watched with anticipation.  As the large equipment started moving dirt, they watched the community come alive.  Gary’s cycling club started riding at Tesoro Viejo on Thursday evenings and would enjoy a craft brew and dinner after their rides at AXIS Coffee Bar + Eatery.

Mona and Gary Bowser

He even convinced the general manager of AXIS to keep it opened a little later on Thursdays for the group of about 30 cyclists after their rides – something that was happily accommodated.

“Gary and Mona are like ambassadors of Tesoro Viejo, sharing their appreciation and knowledge of the land,” says Shelle Hartmann, director of sales and events at Tesoro Viejo.  “They have developed a great community of cyclists and walkers to enjoy our trails.”

And no worries if you don’t have your own bike.  There are bikes lined up at the Tesoro Viejo Welcome Center ready for residents and guests to share.  The bike share is just one more way to enjoy the vast open spaces at Tesoro Viejo.

Gary and Mona moved into their new home in October.  The Birch floorplan in McCaffrey Home’s Hickory collection allowed them to customize their new home to fit their needs.  The split three-car garage gives Gary the space to pursue his hobby of working on his bikes. And one of the bedrooms was turned into a den where Mona has her “virtual classroom,” teaching her 5th grade students from her new home, as she looks out at the preserved wetlands through the window.

Gary and Mona enjoy walking their chocolate lab mix, Rooney, on the trails.  And when the grandkids come for a visit, you will find them riding their scooters through the community and stopping off at AXIS for a treat.

As they head into their retirement years, they wanted more amenities.  The resort-style clubhouse is a place they look forward to spending time, getting to know their neighbors. With its fitness center and swimming pools, the clubhouse offers more opportunities to stay active.  But, it is the natural environment and the large open space that drew Gary and Mona to Tesoro Viejo.

“The current public health challenge exemplifies the fact that people need to be outside to spread out and enjoy the natural environment,” Gary says.

The Bowsers

While Gary and Mona know the Tesoro Viejo community and its trails well, one of the biggest surprises was the land treasures they found during one of their bike rides down to the San Joaquin River.

Mona fell in love with a large old Oak tree near the river and points to the natural grinding stones where Native Americans prepared their food.

“There’s so much history in this land and to stand on the land where Native Americans stood is an honor,” Mona says.

The promise of Tesoro Viejo is a place for healthy living and connection to the natural environment.  It is this promise that comes alive with residents like Gary and Mona.

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