May 2, 2019

Martin Morgan Amphitheater Honors Madera Co. Business Leader & Holocaust Survivor

Martin Morgan Amphitheater in Tesoro Viejo honors life of Madera County business leader and Holocaust survivor

MADERA, Calif. – Today, elected officials and community leaders honored the life of longtime Madera County businessman and community leader Martin Morgan with the dedication of the Martin Morgan Amphitheater in Tesoro Viejo, Madera County’s newest award-winning master planned community.  Morgan was a Holocaust survivor, making the event more significant as it marks the internationally recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Martin’s story is a story of perseverance and resilience – he is a Holocaust survivor and endured one of the most horrific human tragedies in world history,” said Karen McCaffrey, vice president of Tesoro Viejo Development.  “He taught us the importance of staying positive and to never stop dreaming – as he loved music it is fitting that this amphitheater is named in his honor where community concerts will be held for years to come.”

Morgan died in 2015 at the age of 88.  He was born in Kanscky, Poland and was taken into an Auschwitz concentration camp at the age of 13.  After being liberated, he spent time traveling Europe before he embarked on his journey to America in 1952.  Morgan was known as an accomplished businessman who owned a fabric store, cattle ranch, and harvested oranges and olives.  Morgan and his wife bought 30 acres of land in Madera County to start an orange grove and soon bought another 150 acres for a cattle ranch – adjacent to the land that is now a part of Tesoro Viejo.

“Mr. Morgan is a special part of Madera County’s history, as he had vision decades ago for what Madera County could become,” said Madera County Board of Supervisor Brett Frazier.  “Today is another important milestone that is the direct result of the vision and planning of the Madera County Board of Supervisors when they approved the Rio Mesa Area Growth Plan in 1995.”

The ceremony included comments from Taylor Cardoza, an 8th grade student from Hillside Elementary School who also was a neighbor of Mr. Morgan.  She shared special memories of Morgan.  To honor his love of music, a special performance of “America the Beautiful” and Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” was performed by local vocalist, Ed Burke.

“In the concentration camp, music was always played; and he wouldn’t have made it without the music,” said his wife, Betty Morgan.  “It soothed him, and I am so happy the amphitheater is named in his honor.”

Tesoro Viejo is a 1,600-acre master-planned community just east of Highway 41 in the heart of Madera County’s planned growth area in southeastern Madera County.  With preserved open space and miles of trails, Tesoro Viejo offers the best of outdoor living.  The Martin Morgan Amphitheater is located next to Hillside Elementary School in the Hillside Village, Tesoro Viejo’s first residential village.

“As you all can see, Tesoro Viejo is a special place and we are so thrilled to recognize and honor Martin Morgan in dedicating this amphitheater in his name,” Frazier said.


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