December 29, 2022

Residents Live, Work, and Play at Tesoro Viejo - Jessica Fabrotta

Meet Jessica Fabrotta

For many Tesoro Viejo residents, this community is more than just a place to call home – it’s where they live, work, and play. Tesoro Viejo is a true master-planned community, designed for a life well lived. In our Live, Work, Play blog series, we’re putting the spotlight on our residents whose homes, careers, and recreation are all right here.

Tesoro Viejo Resident Jessica Fabrotta

Read on to learn how Tesoro Viejo homeowner Jessica Fabrotta lives, works, and plays in our master-planned community.

Where do you work at Tesoro Viejo, and what is your role?

I am the owner of two destination wedding companies and plan weddings from my home.

How long have you lived at Tesoro Viejo?

Since February of 2021.

What is an average day of work and life like for you at Tesoro Viejo?

Normally I wake up before the kiddos and work for a few hours. Once the littles start getting up, I make breakfast and get everyone ready for school at Hillside Elementary. The kids all walk to school together every morning then I will take my youngest for a walk. I am constantly working but make time for the park and walking trails every day. 

How do you “Play” at Tesoro Viejo? 

We try to participate in lots of activities. There are activities for everyone – story time for my littlest, movie nights and bingo for the family, and wine and jazz nights for the adults. My kids are also obsessed with the pool, and two of them actually learned to swim there over the past year! 

What is your favorite part of living here?

Everything! We truly love it here! It is a safe community. My children can play outside on their bikes with their friends. We go to the park all the time. The people in the community are always looking out for one another. My children can walk to and from school every day and all of their friends live here so there is literally always something to do.

Is there anything you’d like to share?

As a single parent with four children, I wanted to raise my kids in a safe, loving community and environment. I could not imagine being anywhere else and am endlessly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Tesoro Viejo community! 

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