May 7, 2024

Residents Live, Work and Play at Tesoro Viejo - Dalena

Meet Frank and Brittany Dalena.  

Read on to learn how Tesoro Viejo residents Frank and Brittany Dalena live, work and play in our award-winning master-planned community. Not only do they live at Tesoro Viejo, but Frank even produces his very own podcast right out of the comfort of his own home!

Q: How long have you lived at Tesoro Viejo, and why did you choose this community?
A: I have lived at Tesoro Viejo for almost 3 years now. I chose Tesoro Viejo because it is by far the best new community in the area. There are other options for communities in the valley, but Tesoro Viejo gives each resident a little bit more space, has unmatched safety, and is a true neighborhood with countless activities. The builders in Tesoro Viejo offer a perfect match for any home buyer. Being a young married couple, this was the obvious option. 

Q: Describe what it is like to live, work and play at Tesoro Viejo.
A: Tesoro Viejo is the perfect balance. You have friendly neighbors, yet you have privacy. You have the ability to interact with the community as much as you want. Everyone living in Tesoro Viejo has one thing in common and that is they want to keep the neighborhood held to a high standard. I appreciate that because I enjoy having fun, but also want to know my family is safe. 

Q: Choose one word to describe the vibe in your neighborhood.
A: Community.

Q: How do you “play” at Tesoro Viejo? 
A: Now that I have my golf cart, I drive my golf cart on sunny days, I eat at Axis regularly, I enjoy Wednesday night food trucks, I lay out at the pool, I walk the trails with my wife, and now that I have dogs, we hit the dog park.

Q: What's your favorite amenity in the community, and why?
A:The pool. It makes me feel like we live at a luxurious hotel - people are always impressed. If Axis counts, then Axis…their breakfast burrito with double meat and a side of garlic aioli is undefeated. 

Q: If you had to describe the overall atmosphere of the community in just three words, what would they be?
A:  Youthful. Safe. Active.

Q: If you were to give a tour of the community amenities to someone who's never been here, what would be your must-see stops? 
A: Axis, the fire station, the parks, the school, the Ranch House and of course Overlook Park up top with the view. 

Q: When did you start your business, Bring The Juice?
A: I started Bring The Juice in August of 2021.

Q: Give us the elevator pitch for your business! 
A: I have been an athlete my entire life and played football at Fresno State for five years followed by a two-year stint training with the Team USA bobsled team in pursuit of an Olympic dream. That ended by me tearing my calf and finding out that I had 3 blood clots in my leg. Once finished, I realized I wanted to take that same relentless effort, attitude and drive that gave me success in athletics and apply it to life. I started talking to my former teammates and realized that I could make a podcast/radio show out of it. Now, each week Bring The Juice features elite athletes from around the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, Olympics, NCAA and more to discuss the mindset it takes to chase greatness along with exclusive locker room stories, business ventures, and the overall human-being side of these athletes we rarely get to see.

Q: What does your typical workday look like? 
A: Along with Bring The Juice, I am a full time onion farmer! I am third generation and I help run the packing line for my family's company Dalena Farms. During harvest, I wake up around 2am and drive to Kettleman City, CA which is where the farm is. I have a long drive from Tesoro Viejo to the farm, so I have plenty of time to think of new Bring The Juice ideas. Usually, I am back at my home around 4:30pm, I then prepare dinner with my wife, record podcast episodes with professional athletes, walk my dogs, or drive my golf cart. Lights are out by 8pm! 

Q: What are your plans this summer?
A: This summer my plans are to pack onions! Summertime means harvest time! BUT, I will find time to go to the pool, enjoy some bottomless mimosas from Axis, go to the farmers market, and drive my golf cart singing country music.

Q: Give us one fun fact about your life right now! 
A:  Fun fact: I just got two puppies named Chimy and Henny … and my wife just found out she is pregnant with our first child. We could not be more excited to start our family in Tesoro Viejo.

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