July 20, 2022

Residents Live, Work, and Play at Tesoro Viejo - Cass Chavez

Meet Cass Chavez

With robust amenities, incredible homes, and even career opportunities, Tesoro Viejo is a true master-planned community. Designed with this lifestyle in mind, Tesoro Viejo residents often live, work, and play right here. These homeowners have inspired our ongoing Live, Work, Play blog series. 

In this next installment in the series, learn about how resident Cass Chavez has embraced the master-planned lifestyle of Tesoro Viejo.

Where do you work at Tesoro Viejo, and what is your role? 

I’ve been working at AXIS Coffee Bar & Eatery as a barista for the past year.

How long have you lived at Tesoro Viejo? 

I moved to Tesoro Viejo in April of 2020, so I’ve lived here for two years now.

What is an average day of work and life like for you at Tesoro Viejo? 

I start my mornings by running along the trails. I usually stop by AXIS Coffee Bar & Eatery to grab a morning coffee and study. My evenings are spent at work where I get to visit with all of my regular customers and neighbors. 

How do you “Play” at Tesoro Viejo?

Besides running, I like to take advantage of the exercise classes and gym at the Ranch House. I like to swim in the pool and lay out in the sun. The HOA is always putting together great activities for the family. 

What is your favorite part of living here?

I enjoy how close everyone in the community is, it has become like a second family to me.


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