June 1, 2022

Residents Live, Work, and Play at Tesoro Viejo - Sydney Dehlan

Meet Sydney Dehlan

Imagine a place built to accommodate all of your needs– a community where you can live, work, and play. We designed our Tesoro Viejo master plan with an emphasis to help our residents thrive and live their best lives. For many Tesoro Viejo residents, this community is where life happens – from the homes they live in, to the jobs they have, and the things they love to do in their spare time.

SydneyRead on to learn about how Tesoro Viejo resident Sydney Dehlan lives, works, and plays in this master-planned community.

Where do you work at Tesoro Viejo, and what is your role?

I am the Community Representative for Savanna by McCaffrey Homes. I assist people in the purchase of their forever home.

How long have you lived at Tesoro Viejo?

I was the first homeowner in Tesoro Viejo, so I have lived here for just over three years now.

What is an average day of work and life like for you at Tesoro Viejo?

An average day at work consists of managing escrows, and addressing questions or concerns from buyers. My favorite part is being able to hand out keys to my new neighbors!

How do you “Play” at Tesoro Viejo?

When I am not at work, I am spending time with my son, getting out on the trails or enjoying the Ranch House with my fellow neighbors. I love going to the Farmers Market on Sundays, concerts at the parks, and any other event I have time for. I have made some great friends with the people in this community, and it has been a true blessing to live here.

What is your favorite part of living here?

My favorite part about living in Tesoro is the people, and how someone is always there if anyone needs anything. It is the true definition of a community! There is always something to do out here. Between movie nights at the Ranch House, potlucks, and Friday nights at AXIS when they have live music, it is always a good time!

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