November 19, 2020

Tesoro Viejo – A Giving Community

Perhaps nothing says community more than people coming together to help others.  And that’s exactly what is happening at Tesoro Viejo.  The residents at Tesoro Viejo have come together in a big way to help others.

Residents giving back

“It is gratifying to see this community strengthen by their efforts to support others,” says Shelle Hartmann, director of sales and events at Tesoro Viejo.

When the devastating Creek Fire destroyed homes in September, residents at Tesoro Viejo held a food drive to support the victims.  From selling pumpkins to benefit Hillside Elementary School to an Octoberfest beer tasting event that raised money for the Tesoro Viejo Conservancy, Tesoro Viejo residents are setting the tone that this community understands the importance of giving back.

In fact, studies show that giving back to the community contributes to happiness, health, and a sense of well-being – all attributes of this thriving community.

Fundraising in Tesoro Viejo

The annual Central Valley Heart and Stroke Walk went digital this year due to the public health challenge, but that didn’t stop the Tesoro Viejo community.  The Tesoro Viejo team raised $8,552 for the American Heart Association, receiving the top team fundraising award this year.  The Tesoro Viejo Homeowners Association hosted a bingo night that also benefitted the Heart Walk, contributing to the overall team effort.

“To date, Team Tesoro Viejo has raised over $50,000 to champion healthier hearts and minds in the Central Valley,” says Kim Bordagaray, executive director of the American Heart Association – Central Valley.

Top Fundraiser Award

Tesoro Viejo has hosted Central Valley’s Heart and Stroke Walk since 2016, which has raised more than $1.3 million since its move to Tesoro Viejo.  And the spirit of giving continues this holiday season with the Tesoro Viejo community gearing up for the annual Toys for Tots drive.

“The spirit of giving is alive and well at Tesoro Viejo,” says Leanna Cutler, the manager of the Master Homeowner Association for Tesoro Viejo.  “Our residents step up when there is a need.”

An example of this is the recent “recess co-cop” that was created at the Ranch House when residents found that their children needed fun, outdoor activities during distance learning.  They found that parents also needed a break, so they created a program that gave children a chance to get exercise in a fun, safe atmosphere that also allowed parents the time they needed to get other things done.

Tesoro Viejo is a giving community that demonstrates the power of giving back.