November 14, 2019

Tesoro Viejo Announces the Opening of its 14-Mile Trail System

Tesoro Viejo announces the opening of its more than 14-mile trail system with access to the San Joaquin River

MADERA COUNTY, CA – Today Madera County elected officials, community leaders, and community members celebrated the official opening of Tesoro Viejo’s 14-mile trail system that connects beyond the community to the San Joaquin River.  Tesoro Viejo is Madera County’s newest, award-winning master planned community.

“There have been a lot of exciting firsts for Tesoro Viejo, but for me, this is significant because this 14-mile trail system honors the natural beauty of the land,” said Brent McCaffrey, president of Tesoro Viejo.  “From beaver pond to buck meadow, Tesoro Viejo is a special place – we are thrilled that these trails will truly connect people to the natural beauty of this land.”

The event included Madera County Public Health Director Sara Bosse and Kim Bordagaray from the American Heart Association who both spoke about the importance of daily physical exercise for good health.

“What better way to enjoy your family and get your steps in than enjoying the beautiful trails at Tesoro Viejo,” Bosse said.

Last month, Tesoro Viejo hosted the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk for the fourth time.  Since the event moved to Tesoro Viejo four years ago, it has raised more than $1.2 million for the American Heart Association.

The trail system includes six unique trails designed to connect people with the natural beauty of the community.  The trails are suitable for walking, jogging, and biking throughout the natural landscape of the community.

“The trails at Tesoro Viejo will contribute greatly to the health and wellness of our community,” said Madera County Supervisor Tom Wheeler.  “It sends a message that good design includes honoring the natural landscape, while allowing people to directly connect to the land.”

Tesoro Viejo as designed takes advantage of the beautiful landscape and vistas.  The trails span the community, connecting neighborhoods to one another for easy walking, running, or biking, letting walkers and runners explore the landscape with arroyos, rock outcroppings, riparian landscapes, grasslands, and other natural settings.  Additional trails venture out from the community down to the banks of the San Joaquin River letting explorers enjoy the beauty of the river.

“Today, November 13, 2019, the trails at Tesoro Viejo are officially open,” said Helio Eniram, a student from Hillside Elementary School and a member of the school’s cross country team.  “Join me and my cross country teammates, as we run the trails for the first time.”

The event concluded with the cross country team running the trail, while participants walked the trail from the Town Center through the vineyard.

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