June 3, 2019

Tesoro Viejo wins 2019 Sustainability Award

The Tesoro Viejo community was honored May 9 with the prestigious Award of Excellence from the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Awards for its sustainability efforts.  This is the second award the community has received recognizing its planning and practices as a sustainable community. The awards program, in partnership with the Community and Regional Planning Center at Fresno State and sponsored by American Planning Association California – Central Section, recognizes outstanding achievements and practices in the built environment.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition for our efforts to plan and build a sustainable community,” said Brent McCaffrey, president of Tesoro Viejo Development.  “Our commitment to Tesoro Viejo as a sustainable community is our highest priority, and we thank Fresno State Regional Planning Center and the American Planning Association, for this honor.”

Tesoro Viejo was first honored for its sustainability efforts in 2016 with the Outstanding Planning Award in Innovation in Green Community Planning by the American Planning Association’s California Central. Tesoro Viejo was then recognized for its ongoing efforts to create and maintain a vibrant and healthy community.

The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Awards program recognizes outstanding achievements and practices in the built environment to encourage quality in planning and development.  The awards program highlights examples of attractive, functional and environmentally friendly projects in the San Joaquin Valley.

The 2019 awards program solicited nominations from throughout the San Joaquin Valley in the following sustainable development categories: residential, commercial, mixed use, downtown revitalization, transportation enhancement, and historic revitalization. Nominations were also sought for individuals who have shown enthusiasm and tenacity in promoting the smart-growth principles. Nearly 60 projects and individuals have received awards since the program began in 2009.

“Being good stewards of the land is important to us and this award recognizes our commitment to that,” McCaffrey said.

Tesoro Viejo’s sustainability efforts include an on-site tree nursery, an on-site water treatment facility, the latest in building techniques to protect the environment, a walkable community connected with trails, and transportation options that reduce dependence on vehicles.

The tree nursery was planted 10 years before construction began – it has 10,000 trees that not only give the community a sense of permanence, it provides ecological benefits of shade and filtering the air.

The state-of-the-art on-site water and wastewater treatment facility treats surface water and promotes water recycling and reuse.  Reclaimed water will be used to irrigate all public open spaces.  In addition, Tesoro Viejo reduces the need for water through implementation of storm water management best practices complemented by water wise landscape strategies (drought tolerant landscaping, drip irrigation and smart irrigation control).  Storm drain system designs also incorporate features that recharge groundwater.

The collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies was an integral part of the development of Tesoro Viejo, including working closely with such agencies as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as the Madera County Sheriff’s Department and the Madera County Fire Department.

“Tesoro Viejo was designed with significant stakeholder involvement, including current and future plans for public safety services within the community,” said Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney.  “The placement of the community amenities and town center including facilities for the Sheriff’s Office and County Fire services add to positive visibility and walkability of the community.”

It takes a strong foundation to create an eco-conscious community, from responsible planning to sustainable design and development. Tesoro Viejo is proud to see our efforts realized in creating a vibrant, healthy, and green place to live.

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