September 22, 2018

Trees Get a 10-Year Head Start at Tesoro Viejo

Back in 2008, Tesoro Viejo was still very much in the dream state. Homes and parks, roads and amenities were still just ideas, but one thing was already certain: There would be trees. Tall and stately, lining the boulevards, providing thousands of natural opportunities to plop down and enjoy the cooling shade and breezes. Ten-years before Tesoro Viejo construction began, an on-site nursery was planted to give the community’s trees a head start.

Now they make Tesoro Viejo stand out, like the brand new community really is the ‘old treasure’ promised by its name. Around the Town Center, nearly full-grown olive trees look like they’ve been waving in the breeze for decades. Sitting in their shade, taking in the view of vineyards over an espresso from AXIS Coffee Bar & Eatery, you could easily imagine yourself somewhere in the Tuscan countryside.

17 different tree species native to California planted in Tesoro Viejo

But in reality, the 17 tree species planted back in 2008 are all native to California, or else Mediterranean species naturally suited to our landscape. And they’re being slowly (or in some cases, quickly) transplanted from the nursery to their new homes along major streets, in parks, at Town Center and eventually at Tesoro Viejo’s  Ranch House Clubhouse.

California Sycamores planted in Tesoro Viejo, Madera CA

Other varieties in the tree nursery include California Sycamores, Italian Stone Pines, and Crape Myrtles and Chinese Pistache trees, two species known for their vibrant seasonal color. They’ll be enlivening the landscape for generations to come, while new baby trees are already being planted in the nursery in anticipation of future growth. While they’re growing, they provide natural habitat for wildlife, and a decade from now, they’ll take their place and help keep Tesoro Viejo all natural.

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